Privacy Policy

Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us. As a necessary part of the operation of our business, we must collect some information about you. However, we only use this information to process orders and to improve our ability to serve your needs.

This privacy policy describes the information we collect and what we do with it. Should you have any further questions, please email us.

Please note, this statement applies only to Ahadun: SOLUTIONS, and not to service suppliers who are associated with purchase transactions.

What information does Ahadun: SOLUTIONS collect and how is it used?
Ahadun: SOLUTIONS collects and stores information a customer submits to us in our registration form, or others forms on our website. Additional information we might collect, for the purposes of communication and non-repudiation, might include: your Internet address, the language you selected when viewing the order form, your browser type, the currency in which you viewed prices, whether you used a secure or insecure Web page, the return email address shown in your email messages, the return address on envelopes, the fax number on faxes, and the phone number you used when calling us.

Ahadun: SOLUTIONS employs PayPal to handle credit card payments. PayPal does not give your credit card number to Ahadun: SOLUTIONS. We do not share your specific payment information with any party outside of Ahadun: SOLUTIONS. We would only share such information if it was warranted by legal procedings.

Non-disclosure of Information
Ahadun: SOLUTIONS has never sold, rented or traded personal information to any outside parties not associated with a purchase transaction. Nor do we contemplate ever sharing this information in the future. However, should Ahadun: SOLUTIONS ever elect to start sharing such information, we would email you and give you thirty (30) days to inform us if you wished your information to remain private.

If Ahadun: SOLUTIONS ever employs the services of outside parties for functions associated with purchase transactions (such as product shippers), we have no direct control over such service providers' use of the information we relay to them to complete the purchase transaction, and can make no assurances regarding their use of your personal information. However, we would cease doing business with any party associated with the purchase transaction if they abused any information we relayed to them.

If Ahadun: SOLUTIONS chooses to aggregate statistics about the data we collect, and share it with other parties in order to improve our services, this aggregated data will not include information that identifies you personally.

Ahadun: SOLUTIONS privacy policy changes
Any changes to the Ahadun: SOLUTIONS privacy policy will be posted here. This policy is dated July 8th, 2012.