The Routing Project - Subscription for one year

The Routing Project - Subscription for one year
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The Routing Project (TRP) provides a simple means for everyone to see where their mode of transportation is, using technology that every home has access to: the internet and/or a mobile phone with internet service. Using a browser, anyone can see a blue icon on a map which represents exactly where the vehicle they are waiting on is! For each membership you purchase, you will be able to track a vehicle (bus, car, etc.) that you want it (the membership) associated with.  Tracking could be done via a mobile phone, tablet, or PC.

The price includes:
The price also includes your being able to plot any number of students on a map.  With students plotted on a map, each student can then set a "proximity alarm" to alert them when the bus is within 1km, or 2km, or 3km (or whatever other distance they select) from their location.  To have locations plotted, you simply upload an Excel file (from here) with the coordinates (obtainable from Google maps) of each student.  This, however, is optional. 

Each member of your organization (including students) would also receive Sign In credentials (username and password) so that each person would only see the vehicles/locations that is relevant to them.  Therefore, no organization/school would be able to see the details (locations of buses or students) of another.

Benefits of a Private Org Membership, as well as a Private Org, has its benefits!


Orgs allow groups of people to share their location with each other. A user may join any number of orgs that he/she has credentials to, and switch between them, to see the location of the members they contain. An admin user is able to manage the members of an org by signing in via the Accounts link on the TRP site. Anyone who creates an org is automatically the admin of that org.

Orgs are of two types: public and private. If you purchase a membership to The Routing Project and register as a member, you are entitled to a private org, which means you are able to control who joins your org and, therefore, who is able to see (on the map) the locations of the entities (vehicles/people) in your org. Otherwise, you have a public org, and anyone who gets your Org ID is able to join your org (which might be a good thing in some cases).


Purchasing a membership for The Routing Project (TRP) entitles you to a Private Org. The benefits of having a Private Org versus having a Public one can be compared to having knowledge and lacking it. Of course, one should strive to gain beneficial knowledge. The following are some of the features of a Private Org in TRP which will help you to assess its significance as an asset to your organization.

A Private Org in TRP allows its members (parents, students, or staff) to:

  • see where their mode of transportation is, via any device with a browser (laptop, tablet, or mobile)
  • view one or multiple vehicles from one location (e.g. school), or multiple vehicles from multiple locations
  • set their vehicle view, to see only those which are important to them
  • better time their departure from their door to coincide with the arrival of their vehicle
  • set a proximity alert (audio and/or visual) to notify them when their vehicle is within a certain distance from their location
  • set their status to present or absent, to signal whether they should be picked up or not

A Private Org in TRP allows its Admin members (e.g. a school's vice-principal) to:

  • set a student's status to "absent", which sends an SMS to notify the student's parent/guardian
  • Retrace the route of any vehicle, for auditing or to get proof of their location at any point in time
  • map the name of one vehicle (a spare/alternate) to another, so that if a bus breaks down, parents can continue to look for the name (e.g. Bus 5) they are used to
  • change the details (e.g. email address) of people in their school
  • change the details related to vehicles (e.g. their name)
  • change the details related to their school, for example, the message that's sent in an SMS when a student's status is changed to "absent"
  • view reports about usage of TRP, for example details about SMSs sent



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