Sell By Site - Hosted Domain Name - Subscription for one week

Sell By Site - Hosted Domain Name - Subscription for one week
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The Sell By Site (SBS) service facilitates transactions: A vendor posts images (taken using a phone) of their goods, a customer views and purchases items, and a courier monitors items needing pickup and delivery.

The SBS service gives each entity involved in a transaction a window through which he/she can observe aspects of the process which are relevant. Briefly, a vendor can post an image of an item he/she wishes to sell, and is notified of items sold; a customer can see the purchases he/she made and change quantities if necessary; a courier can select which order he/she intends to pickup and deliver.

Parties interact with each other in this virtual mall: The vendor and customer via the sale; the vendor and courier at the time the courier picks up the item; the courier and customer for the delivery. The status of the item involved in the transaction, as it changes from ordered to courier notified to pickup scheduled to picked up to delivered, is viewable by all entities. A built in chat system allows a vendor to start a chat session with a customer or courier; a customer to initiate a chat session with a vendor; a courier to contact a customer to fine-tune details for delivery.

Site Design The Sell By Site (SBS) site/application is designed to be as flexible as possible. Taking "a page" (pun intended) from Google's search site, the complexities are behind the scenes, and a user is given or shown only what is necessary. The objective is to be as light on bandwidth usage/data charges as possible, and speed in presentation of pages.
Load Once Once a page is loaded, it is kept in memory for later use. When the page is needed again, it is simply redisplayed, instead of reloaded from the server. Therefore, data presentation is fast, and data charges are kept to a minimum. When appropriate, pages are reloaded automatically. However, a reload button is always available, so a user may wait until he/she is within wi-fi range before refreshing data.
Notify When a vendor receives an order, the vendor may notify an available courier that an order needs to be picked-up. To do so, the vendor would check the box in the order's Notify column (in the list of orders), select the courier to be notified in list of couriers, and select (tap/click) the Notify Courier button. Of course, if no courier is signed in at that moment, then a vendor cannot notify one. The "Any distance" checkbox also applies to couriers. If the box is checked, all couriers that have signed in will appears in the list of couriers, regardless of how far away they are; if the box is unchecked, only signed in couriers that are within 15 Km of the vendor's location will appear in the list of available couriers.
Handshaking The "Shake Hands" button appears when a vendor or customer views his/her list of orders. Once an order moves from the Ordered status to Pickup Scheduled, it's possible for a vendor to "shake hands" with a courier, but only when the courier is within 25 meters of the vendor's geographic location. The handshake is a process of communication between the vendor's device and the courier's, and it signifies a pickup by the courier. Likewise, the handshake between a courier and a customer could only take place once an order's status is "Picked up" and the courier is within 25 meters of the customer's location. When the handshake process is done between a courier and customer, it signifies that the courier has delivered the item to the customer. As in real-life, a handshake can only occur when people are in close proximity to each other. Thus, the stipulation that two parties (vendor/courier or courier/customer) must be within 25 meters of each other before a handshake could take place. It might be said that people (or one of them) would have to have really long arms for a handshake to happen over a range of 25 meters! I appreciate the joke. lol. The allowance of 25 meters is to take into account such things are guard houses, security limitations, etc., which restrict a courier from getting too close to the vendor or customer.
Statuses An order is moved through several statuses, based on the action of a customer, vendor, or courier ("the entities"). When a customer places an order, "Ordered" - at this stage, a vendor may notify a courier that there is an order (ready) to be picked up; when a vendor notifies a courier, "Courier Notified" - at this status, a vendor may initiate a chat session with a courier; when a courier confirms that he/she will pick up an order, "Pick-up Scheduled" - at this stage, a vendor may initiate the handshake process; once handshaking occurs between a vendor and courier, "Picked-up" - when close to the customer, a courier could initiate the handshake process; once handshaking occurs between a courier and customer, "Delivered". When a courier confirms a pickup, he/she has up to 30 minutes to arrive at the vendor's location. After that time, the vendor may notify another courier. Should the vendor notify another courier, the status of the order will revert to "Courier Notified".
Chatting If a customer clicks the Order link in a post, he/she is shown an order form. In the form, under the Vendor column is a "Chat" link. By clicking this link, the customer initiates a chat session with the vendor. After a customer places an order, he/she may view his/her list of orders by selecting the "Orders" link on the main screen/page. In this list, the customer can also click on a Chat link to start chatting with a vendor. Similarly,in the vendor's list of orders are chat links in the Customer and Courier columns, from which the vendor could start a chat session with a customer or courier. In the courier's list of orders, he/she may start a chat session with a customer. Who initiates a chat session with whom,and when, is not by accident; it is by design to minimize the (possible) annoyance factor.
Getting In
Sign Up You may sign up by tapping/clicking the user icon in the top-right of the browser window, tapping the Sign Up link, and entering just an edress (email address) and password. This bare minimum gives you an account as a customer. With flexibility in mind, you may also use the same credentials to sign in as a vendor or courier. However, if you intend to use SBS as a vendor, you should enter your phone number when signing up (or, you'll be asked to do so when you try to post an item). If you intend to perform courier services, you should enter both your name and phone number (or, you'll be asked to do so before you are able to sign in as a courier).
Sign In You may sign in by selecting the user icon in the top-right of the browser window and entering your edress and password. If you do NOT select either the "I'm a courier" or "I'm a vendor" checkbox then, by default, you are signed in as a customer (if you enter correct credentials, of course). To sign in as a courier, enter your credentials and select the "I'm a courier" checkbox. To sign in as a vendor, enter your credentials and select the "I'm a vendor" checkbox.
Sign In: Vendor and Courier To choose to sign in as a vendor or courier, tap/click the user icon in the top-right of the browser window. There are times when a user is prompted to sign in (if they did not previously do so) to perform a task, such as before posting. This prompt does NOT include the vendor or courier options. The idea is to allows a user to explore the app without having to sign in, until they try to perform a function that requires an account. This prompt only allow the user to sign in as a customer. TO SIGN IN AS A VENDOR OR COURIER, TAP/CLICK THE user ICON IN THE TOP-RIGHT OF THE BROWSER WINDOW.
Forgot Password If you forget your SBS password, tap/click the user icon in the top-right of the browser window and select the "Forgot password" link. Since we encrypt all passwords and don't know your actual password, a system generated password will be sent to the edress you provide.
Change Password To change your password, select the user icon in the top-right of the browser window, select the "Change password" link, enter the details, and tap/click the "Change Password" button.
Details For flexibility, anyone may post, whether signed in as a vendor or not. But, of course, you should have something to sell if you are posting it! Enter just a number in the price field. To specify the name or initials of the currency you do business in, enter it in the Description field. Only the price and name of the item are required.
Image You may post from a device (phone, tablet) or computer. What you are posting from will determine how you select an image. On a device, snap a photo or record a video, or choose one from your collection. On a computer, you won't be able to snap a picture or record a video, but you can choose one from your collection of images or videos.
Rotate Image Once you select an image, you may rotate it to the orientation you desire by tapping/clicking the "Rotate image!" icon. The image will appear in the list of posts in the orientation you rotate it to.
Quantities and Sizes
Quantity in Stock The site owner may set the in-stock quantity for each item, and may edit (increase or decrease) it at any time. The quantity-in-stock is displayed to users of the site when they select an item's details button. When an item is ordered, the in-stock quantity is reduced by the quantity of items ordered. At the time of ordering, a user is not allowed to order more than the number of item currently in stock. When an item's in-stock quantity goes to zero, the item is no longer displayed to users of the site.
Minimum Quantity A minimum quantity level may be set for each item. When, due to an item being ordered, an item's in-stock quantity falls below the minimun quantity, the SBS system notifies the site owner via a system notification message (i.e. a notification in the SBS browser interface), and via an email. The SBS notfication would only be effective if the site owner is signed in to the SBS system, so the email is not just back-up, but necessary to make sure the owner is notified of a low stock level.
Sizes Sizes may be set for each item. In-stock quantity and minimum quantity must then be set for each size. If sizes are set for an item, they appear when a customer selects the Order button.
Viewing Posts
Pics Versus No Pics The "No Pics" checkbox is checked by default. This means that no images will be displayed when "View Post" is selected. Thus, the list loads faster and data charges are minimized. Once the list of posts loads, you may view specific images by selecting the "View" link associated with each post. The default setting may be changed by signing in, tapping/clicking the Settings icon, Preferences link, and choosing the "Show me posts with pics" radio button.
Specific Distances Versus Any Distance For situations where it makes sense to limit the distance of displayed posts to those within 10 kilometers, uncheck the "Any distance" checkbox before tapping/clicking "View Posts". The default is that only items within a limited distance are shown (the "Any distance" box is not checked). The default setting may be changed by signing in, selecting the Settings icon, Preferences link, and checking the "Disregard distance" checkbox.
Posts Distance Dropdown The Post Distance Dropdown appears when View Post is selected and the "Any distance" checkbox is unchecked. The options in this dropdown allow you to specify the maximum distance that a posted item is from your current location.
Post Names Dropdown This dropdown shows the names of all posted items which are viewable by you. Selecting an option in this dropdown should highlight the corresponding item in the list of posts (It does so in a smart browser on a smart operating system! No names please! lol.).
Reload Button The Reload Button is always available, so you may wait until you are within wi-fi range before refreshing data. Selecting it refreshes the Posts View based on your No pics/Any distance choices.
What are you paying for?
Hosted Domain Name You may choose to host your domain name in the Sell By Site (SBS) service, for the time frame that you pay for. This means that when someone enters your domain name in a browser, they are directed to your instance of the SBS service. Your customers get secure (https) communication with your own database. The items, customers, and couriers in your database are yours, unless you choose to enable posting, to give others the option of submitting posts to your SBS instance. You may supply us with your own logo, site title, and colors (values or names). For the duration of your subscription term you get: one (1) gigabyte, which is equal to 1,073,741,824 bytes -- “Buy now” process connected to PayPal -- a shopping cart type system to allow a user to select several items and buy them under one order # -- Emails sent to the customer at the time of purchase, one from PayPal and one from you, the vendor -- a neat Order History report -- sales-to-date data - a chat system to allow you, the vendor, to initiate chatting with a customer or courier, a customer to initiate chatting with you, or a courier to initiate chatting with a customer.
Quantities The pricing structure is: a price per week. Should you increase the quantity to more than 3 (weeks) but less than 26 (i.e. 1 month up to 6 months), the price decreases; 26 (weeks) to less than 52 (i.e. 6 months up to 1 year), the price is further decreased; 52 (weeks) or more (i.e. more than 1 year), you get the best value for your money.
Duration of Service For every week of subscription that you purchase, seven (7) days are added to the expiry date of your SBS service. Therefore, for example, if you purchase 4 additional subscription weeks while your current expiration is sometime in the future, your expiration date will be pushed further into the future an additional 28 (4 times 7) days. If, at the time of your purchase, you have a subscription which is expired, or you never purchased a subscription before, the expiration date for your service would be set at 28 days from the date of purchase.

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