You R Here!
The Routing Project

The Routing Project aims to eliminate (or significantly reduce) the wait time and anxiety that many people experience as they wait for their mode of transportation to pick them up. Where is the bus? Did I miss it?! Should I call the driver or, maybe, the school? Is the vehicle working today? When will the bus get here?! These, and similar questions, drive people to severe levels of frustration that they should not have to cope with. Hence, The Routing Project.

ON THE NET!INTRO | The Routing Project provides a simple means for everyone to see where their mode of transportation is, using technology that every home has access to: a computer and/or a mobile device with internet service. Using a browser, a user can see a blue bus icon on a map which represents exactly where the vehicle they are waiting on is! They can also see an icon which shows their location. The green icons represent people who must be picked up, and the red icons are for those who need not be picked up.

THE APPLICATION | In addition to the online system, there are supporting tools. For example, an app gives each person the ability to interact with The Routing Project.
ON THE PHONE!Users would download and install TRP Locator on their device. They could then retrieve their record from The Routing Project's database, and update their details (password, Org ID, email address, and/or address). They could also change their status from "Present" to "Absent", or vice versa. If a person's status is "Present", their icon on the map will be green; a person who is "Absent" has a red icon (which tells the driver to bypass this person).

When the case is that many people must be picked up by one vehicle, such as a bus, a minute of delay introduced by Person A has an effect on every subsequent person. If Person B also delays the bus by one minute, Persons C to Z would not know that they have to wait at least an extra two minutes past their scheduled pick-up time.
Not knowing where the bus is, and with the usual outside temperature, most people will wait in their house until the bus arrives and beeps. Not knowing if the bus is early or late also complicates matters! By providing a means for each person to see where the bus is, whether it is on time or not, each person will be better prepared to board the bus as soon as it arrives.

A BRIGHT IDEA!A SOLUTION TO MANY | If you think of the thousands of people waiting for buses daily (women and children who attend the Qur'aan centers; children going to schools; etc.), and witness or imagine the chaos and frustration they currently experience, I'm sure you will realize the significance of The Routing Project.